The determination of the inhabitants and the town’s central location have converted Pozoblanco in the modern capital of Los Pedroches, concentrating the services and the main farming and agricultural industries of the region. 

Nevertheless, despite its prosperity, the town has not forgotten its humble origins, and in a small square it pays homage to the symbols of the town in the form of sculpture: a white well with a rooster surmounted on the parapet, under the shade of an ilex.


  • The town is located in the central area of Los Pedroches, along the C-420 road.
  • Distance from Córdoba: 86 km.
  • Altitude: 649 m. 
  • Surface area: 330.5 km2.
  • Population: 17.219.
  • Term used to designate inhabitants: Pozoalbenses.
  • Region: Los Pedroches 


According to tradition, Pozoblanco was founded in the 14th century, when shepherds from Pedroche left this town as a result of a plague epidemic, and settled in the area now known as Pozo Viejo. In 1478, the locality achieved independence from Pedroche and achieved the status of a village.


In the Modern era, Pozoblanco was one of the Siete Villas de los Pedroches [seven villages of los Pedroches], and became the capital of this collective in 1771, when the magistrate, who had previously resided in Torremilano, moved to the town.


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