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Equestrian show in courtyards

The French National Riding School and the Portuguese School of Equestrian Art Equestrian star in a great event for the first time in Spain and will take place on May 17, 2014 at the El Coso de los Califas, at 19.30 h.This is a unique opportunity that will delight fans and neophytes where you can enjoy the "World Elite Horse".

Over 40 magnificent examples-chair French, Lusitano, Andalusian horses, led by renowned experts and up to 30 riders / riders will demonstrate their level of riding in a unique and unprecedented performance.

Equestrian Art on the Farm, now on sale.
Reservations: http://www.reservasturismodecordoba.org/GrupoPublicaciones/Detalle/142
Date: May 17, 2014
Time: 19:30 h.
Location: Plaza de Toros de Córdoba


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