Equestrian show in Caballerizas Reales

Caballerizas Reales hosting this show mastery of dressage and high school. “Passion and Spirit of Caballo Andaluz” is presented as a perfect combination of elements of classical and Andalusian horse riding , connecting the viewer with equestrian tradition and history of our city.Our Andalusians are the heirs of those who, by desire of King Philip II, were conceived in the Royal Stables of Cordoba.This representation provides the viewer in 90 minutes with various exciting acts performed by 20 individuals and 10 riders / amazon, where can enjoy the spectacular work at hand, the mastery of dressage and high school, the elegance of a Amazon , the art of the vaulter , fusion dance exercise horses … all accompanied by music specially prepared for staging.More information:

  • Every Wednesday , Friday and Saturday at 21:00 h.
  • Sundays and holidays 12:00 h..
  • Local holidays : 6, 8, 24 and 31 December .
  • Closed on December 25.

More information

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