Excellent meats and desserts

Excellent meats, cold meats, hams and desserts like “perrunas” and “almendrados”. In terms of meats, attention must be drawn to the fried suckling pig, hare with rice or in pickling brine, roast leg of lamb and, above all, pork, which ranges from excellent hams, cured in salteries, to cold meats, such as black pudding, black pudding with onion, white chorizo, chorizo with potatoes seasoned with paprika or cayenne pepper and the traditional relleno [a seasoned sausage stuffed with egg and ham].    Rin-ran, which resembles gazpacho, is another typical dish.  In terms of desserts, attention must be drawn to calabacete, a pumpkin jam, perrunas [a traditional sweet made with lard], almendrados [nut and chocolate covered ice cream bar] and the confectionery made by Franciscan nuns.

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