Festival of la Vendimia of Montilla

This is celebrated between August and September. The institutional acts are combined with festive activities. This is celebrated between late August and early September.The institutional acts are combined with festive activities.Each year certain individuals are named the Foremen or Forewomen of Honor and receive the keys to the Casa del Inca winecellar, as a symbol of the custody of the wines and the commitment to promote the wines of this designation of origin.The Vendimiadora Mayor [Queen of the  Grpae Harvest Festival] and her Maids of Honor are crowned in a ceremony and the traditional Grape Treading is celebrated, during which the must is extracted by treading the grapes and it is offered to the Virgen de las Viñas [Virgin of the Vineyards].In conjunction with these acts, the Cata Flamenca [Wine Tasting] or Competition for wine tasting skills and other activities are held alongside the popular festivities of the Gran Capitan quarter.

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