The caliphal baths of the old Alcázar, or palace, are found in the jardines de los Santos Mártires [Gardens of the Holy Martyrs].

Built during the reign of Al-Hakan II, the baths formed part of a building that was adjoined to the palace; they appeared for the first time during construction work carried out in 1691, wherein some of the materials found were used to construct other buildings.

The baths were covered again until 1903, when new excavations were carried out to recover these remains, excavations that were discontinued due to impediments enforced by the Health Council.

In 1961, archaeological work began, although this was subsequently stopped on several occasions.

Cordoba continues to house the remains of other baths that were constructed between the 10th and 15th centuries: calle Céspedes (10th century); calle Carlos Rubio (12th century); calle de la Pescadería (12th century), in the Alcázar de los Reyes Cristianos and at Medina Azahara.  


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