Castillo de Priego de Córdoba

The Castillo de Priego de Córdobais an ancient Moorish fortress that was reformed in the 13th and 14th centuries: it is austere andessentially military in nature and was built for defensive purposes.

It is a large fortified complex surrounded by several towers, all of which are quadrangular, except a single cylindrical tower.

The most emblematic and important tower is La Torre del Homenaje [keep], which was declared a Monument of National Historical/Artistic Interest in 1943.

It is located off-centre in the courtyard, and reaches a height of 30 m, although it is now partially submerged.

Chronologically, this tower, also called Torre Gorda, can be dated back to the latter half of 13th century, when the town of Priego was under the control of the Order of Calatrava, although the presence of the Nasrid capitals on the windows suggest that these features were added in thefirst half of the 14th century when Priego once again came under Moorish rule.

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