Castle and Parroquia de la Asunción

The fortress dates back to the reign of Abd ar-Rahman III and was reformed in the 14th century.

Its quadrangular layout possessed seven towers, three of which survive.

The parroquia de la Asunción lies next to the castle, and stands out due to its magnificent Baroque brick tower finished in 1788, which, measuring 55 metres, is the highest tower in the towns and villages of the province.

The parish church is a Gothic-Renaissance temple constructed during the 16th century with the intervention of the architects Hernán Ruiz I and II. It comprises three naves without a cross aisle, separated by pointed arches.

The main chapel is dominated by a beautiful altarpiece from the end of the 16th century, commenced by Guillermo de Orta and finished by Andrés de Castillejo, which boasts six boards painted by Leonardo Enríquez de Navarra.

The altarpieces and hexagonal camarín [room where jewels belonging to a statue of the Virgin are kept] of the Virgen del Rosario date from the beginning of the 18th century. The image is now housed in the capilla del Sagrario, “one of the most beautiful chapels of Cordoba’s Baroque Age”, according to professor J. Rivas, boasting bright and colourful plasterwork decoration.

This parish church possesses a beautiful monstrance by Damián de Castro.

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