Four kilometres from Zuheros, at the top of the Cerro de los Murciélagos, we find the Cueva de los Murciélagos [Cave of the Bats], thus named as it provides a home to these mammals.

Known in archaeological circles throughout Europe, it is one of the most important Neolithic sites in Andalusia and the first to uncover art from the Upper Paleolithic Age within the region.

Located in the municipal area of Zuheros, some 980 metres above sea level, this cave – more accurately described as a joint – offers two entrances: Cueva Granada [Large Cave] and Cueva Chica [Small Cave].

The entrance of the former opens into a wide Hall that provides access to a series of corridors, including the Corredor de las Pinturas (Corridor of Paintings) that leads to the Sala de las Formaciones, a hall of great beauty with stalactites and stalagmites.

From here visitors can pass through to another room with speleothems, the Sala del Órgano [Organ Hall].

The route then narrows before reaching the Sala del Fémur, which leads on to another corridor that opens on to the Sala de la Celosia [latticework] or de la Campana and further on, to the Sala de los Estratos just a few meters from the exit through the Cueva Chica.

The cave runs for over two kilometres, although the area that can be visited is only 450 meters long (approximately 25% of the total), with over 700 steps and a depth of 63 meters.

The average temperature is 9°C, although at the entrance of Cueva Chica it can reach 4°C.

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