Ducal Palace of Fernán Núñez

Continuing along the calle de la Feria, visitors come to the Plaza de Armas, an area that surprises as a result of the architectural and chromatic – red ochre and white – unity of its buildings.

Here, special attention should be drawn to the neo-classical Ducal Palace, commenced in 1783 under the auspices of the VI Count of Fernán Nunez, Carlos José Gutiérrez de los Ríos.

Its two storey panoramic façade is flanked by two towers – in the lower part of the right-hand tower, vestiges of the medieval fort that represents the origin of the town can still be seen – and centred by the stone doorway that is crowned by a balcony with balustrade finished with a pediment and coat of arms. 

The caballerizas, schools, inn and the Town Hall enclose this beautiful eighteenth century space.

Behind the palace, and restored for cultural use, we find beautiful gardens on a series of terraces. 

  • Address:

    Plaza de las Armas, 5

  • Zip:14520

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