The Ethnobotanical Museum is the only one of its kind in Spain.

Located on the right bank of the River Guadalquivir and inaugurated in September 1992, the Museum has three permanent exhibition halls that focus on the different modes of human/plant interaction via a comprehensive collection of ethnobotanical objects, modules with transillumination systems, museum exhibits, interactive panels and graphic displays, ending with a final reflection on the extreme importance of conserving the biodiversity of the planet.

The museum also possesses a gallery dedicated to itinerant exhibitions and greenhouses that display American flora in three pavilions.

This museum is located in the Botanical Gardens of Cordoba, which is mostly open-air, possessing a significant number of wooded areas.

The complex contains a rose garden and a greenhouse divided into various microclimates, each possessing characteristic species.

Further Information:

  • Address: Avda. de Linneo, s/n – 14004 – Córdoba
  • Telephone: +34 957 200 077 / 957 200 018
  • Fax: +34 957 295 333
  • E-mail:

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