Fortress of the Catholic Monarchs

The Alcázar is a military building constructed at the behest of King Alfonso XI in 1328.

The fortress is constructed in the Gothic style.

The Catholic Monarchs resided in the fortress for 8 years and it was here that they received Christopher Columbus.

It is a restrained building with magnificent gardens and patios that are styled in the Mudejar tradition.

The fortress was built over the remains of other constructions, as the Romans erected a walled area containing various buildings in this area.

Today there is a fortress layout surrounding the building and gardens. It is almost square in form, and was originally completed with four towers: the Torre de la Paloma was demolished in the middle of the last century.

The enclosure can be entered through the Torre de los Leones [Tower of the Lions] leading to various points of access to ascend to the Torre del Homenaje [Tower of Homage] and the Torre de la Inquisición [Tower of the Inquisition].

The Salón de los Mosaicos [Hall of Mosaics] is entered via the main gallery, and displays the highly valuable Roman mosaics discovered in the Plaza de la Corredera along with sarcophagi dating from the 2nd and 3rd centuries.

The Salón de los Mosaicos leads onto the Baños Reales [Royal Baths] and the Patio Morisco, which is surrounded by arches with abundant water features: via this patio visitors gain access to the magnificent gardens. 


Further Information:

  • Address: Campo Santo de los Mártires, s/n
  • Telephone: +34 957 420 151


  • Address:

    Campo Santo de los Mártires, s/n

  • Zip:14004
  • Telephone:+34 957 420 151

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