Historical Museum

The items that can be viewed in the Museum have been uncovered in digs carried out in the area.

For the most part, the remains relate to Iberian Culture and the Roman Era. Museum visits includes the possibility of visiting an Iberian village located on the Cerro de la Cruz.

The Roman town, dating back to the first century BC, is one of the most important towns in view of its high walls, mosaics, paintings and sculptures, such as the sculpture called Hypnos.  

Located in a former mill next to the river Caicena, the museum covers a surface area of 1100m2, distributed over four halls: The Oil Hall, taking advantage of the old machinery used for producing oil within the building, demonstrates the technological evolution of oil production and the uses of the oil, and provides an ecological journey through the olive groves in addition to a space dedicated to the magnificent oils of the region that have been awarded a guarantee of origin and quality: Priego Guarantee of Origin and Quality (which encompasses the municipal areas of Almedinilla, Fuente Tójar, Carcabuey and Priego). 

The Hall of Iberian Culture displays archaeological objects of the town of Cerro de la Cruz, highlighting the ceramics (rich in typologies), commonly used utensils, a carriage wheel and war gear.  

The Hall of Roman Culture displays materials from the Roman town of El Ruedo including domestic and agricultural objects, medical instruments, trousseau found in the necropolis, and, most notably, sculptures that are surprising both in terms of their number and quality: the bronze sculpture of the god of sleep, Hypnos, is the most important sculpture, serving as an emblem of the museum. 

The final hall serves as a Nature Room, and the museum also provides an ethno-botanical trip to an orchard where the main olive tree varieties of the region are found, with an experimentation orchard for educational activities. 


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