Iglesia de San Pedro

The parish of San Pedro was one of the temples founded by Ferdinand III in 1236 in the Ajerquía.

In 1575 the sepulchre of the martyrs of Cordoba was located here. The temple has undergone significant changes that have hidden the 13th century structure.

The structure of the church is similar to other contemporary churches.

Two of the medieval facades are conserved and display the typical elements of Cordoba’s Mudejar architecture.  Part of the tower has also been conserved.

In 1542 a new main façade was constructed by Hernán Ruiz II as the existing structure was in a poor state of repair. With this work the architect commenced on a purist phase in the manner of Covarrubias and Siloé.

This temple has suffered constant foundation problems due to excessive rising damp, which has led to continuous reformation works. 

Inside, attention should be drawn to the altarpiece of the Capilla de los Santos Mártires [Chapel of the Martyred Saints], created by Alonso Gómez de Sandoval, and the high altarpiece by Félix de Morales.

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    Plaza de Cardenal Salazar

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