Iglesia de San Rafael

When San Rafael appeared before father Roelas in 1578, devotion for the archangel within the city was reinforced.

In the mid 17th century a brotherhood was established and the first church was erected.

The church we are referring to is the work of Vicente López Caldera, completed in 1806.

It is a church with the typical characteristics of commemorative churches.

All the ornate work of the temple is falls firmly within the eighteenth-century Baroque style. In the main chapel, the sculpture of San Rafael bears special mention, protected by a neo-classical shrine made by Gómez de Sandoval.

The church contains important works depicting scenes of the martyrdom of the saints and piety, although the most important are the works signed by Antonio Palomino, and the Crucifixion in the main chapel, completed by Diego Morales in 1806.

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