Iglesia de Santa Marta

Called the church of the Cinamomo, named after the Chinaberry tree.

It arose from a 15th-century beaterío [house inhabited by lay sisters] established in the house called Corral de los Cárdenas to which the Casa del Agua was then added, and at the start of the 16th century the church was finished by Hernán Ruiz I.

Inside an engrailed arch richly decorated on both sides bears mention, forming part of the façade and enabling access to the cloister from the 15th century gallery.

It has three small Hispano-Flemish aesthetic images that date back to 15th century.

It boasts a high altarpiece by the sculptor Andrés de Ocampo and the artist Baltasar del Àguila from the end of the 16th century.

The façade of the church is the work of Hernán Ruiz I and constitutes a fine example of the Gothic humanist tradition.  

It has different images and paintings that are associated to the circle of Antonio del Castillo.

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