Museum of Artwork on Leather

This Museum-House is unique in the world as it shows the recovery of the original Omeya techniques to work on the leather used like decoration. All this thanks to our master Mr. Ramón García Romero and his pupil Jose Carlos Villarejo García, research artists on Caliphal and sumptuary techniques which were developed in Cordoba in the 10th century. In particular, you will learn on the genuine Omeya labour regarding their git-leather panels (guadamecies), which became extraordinarily famous around the world due to their esthetic quality and outstanding beauty. This gilt-leather panel (guadamecí) was a really appreciated piece which showed a plant and geometric design. It consisted in gilding the leather so as, later, to get it polychromed and ironed and used almost exclusively in important houses and palaces.        

You can visit us individually, in pairs or group. You can know this Museum-House freely (free entry) or accompanied by an interpreter guide in Spanish, English, French, German and Japanese. Discover these Omeya gilt-leather panels (guadamecies) as well as the famous cordwains (cordobanes). 

Remember our entry is free, but if you really want to feel and live this authentic and unforgettable experience, we highly recommend you to book our interpreter guide who will accompany you in a trip through time and how the different actors have intervened in the museum to keep these artistic values alive.


This way of visit will make you enjoy the museum heritage collection and the different handcraft techniques which made Cordoba such a famous and widely known city; the gilt-leather panels (guadamecíes) and the cordwain (cordobanes).


This modality includes a visit around the museum and most hidden rooms for the visitor; the study of the only artist who keeps enlarging the museum collection and the curation room, accompanied by the guide at all moments. This will explain to you the need of the museum opening, he/she will show you its museum collection and a private one. He/she will also explain to you the different handcraft techniques that made Cordoba such a famous and widely known city: the gilt-leather panel (guadamecí) and the cordwain (cordobán). The guide will also introduce you to the artist and present craftsman in the museum who will personally explain to you what his work consists in while you enjoy a glass of local wine.   

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