Natural Parks of the Province of Cordoba

We believe that it is necessary to establish and publicise routes through the Province’s Nature Reserves in order to enjoy these landscapes and preserve the natural surroundings that Mother Nature has bestowed upon Cordoba for future generations.                

Our province is not unaffected by the general transformation that our planet is experiencing and therefore the use of all our natural resources musty be governed by respect, as these resources do not belong to us: we form part of the system and we are only form a part of this system on a temporary basis.                

All the Mancomunidades de Municipios [administrative areas governed by a collective of municipalities] in the province of Cordoba have an unquestionable link to the three existing Nature Reserves: Montoro-Cardeña to the northwest, Hornachuelos to the west and the Subbética Mountains to the south, along with the wetlands of the Campiña, which provide a sanctuary for protected species.                 

There are three basic ideas that we wish to reiterate via our proposal:                 

Heighten AWARENESS and LOVE in order to PRESERVE our natural surroundings.  

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