Parroquia de la Asunción

The main building contained within the Plaza de España of Luque takes the form of a monument: the Renaissance parish church of la Asunción, which dominates the square.

It was built between 1567 and 1697, with the intervention of the famed architects Hernán Ruiz II and III, Sebastián de Peñarredonda and Juan de Ochoa.

It comprises three wide naves separated by slender semicircular arches supported by cruciform pillars; the central pillar is covered with rafter coffering and Mudejar tracery.

The triple apse is dominated by the high altar, which is covered by a cupola, and houses a beautiful Baroque altarpiece from the late 17th century, which has been recently restored to its original splendour.

The temple houses some chapels from the late 16th century and early 17th century.

The exterior displays two interesting facades, opening on the gospel side and at the base, both with a semi-circular arch flanked by fluted columns and a higher pediment; in the corner, standing between them, we find the beautiful tower, which was constructed between 1592 and 1697 and boasts a magnificent set of bells.

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