Regional Museum of Fine Arts

The Museum of Fine Arts of Cordoba has stood in Plaza del Potro since 1862, occupying the most noteworthy section of what was formerly the Hospital de la Caridad (15th Century), although the most notable architectural remains, such as the stairs, patio or chapel date back to the early 16th century.

This museum houses an important collection of works of art by the most significant artists of Cordoba, spanning the period between the Middle Ages and the present day, including figures such as Pedro de Córdoba, Pedro Romana, Alejo Fernández, Pablo Céspedes, Juan de Peñalosa, Juan Luis Zambrano, José de Sarabia, Antonio del Castillo, Antonio Palomino, Rafael Romero Barros, Tomás Muñoz Lucena, José Ramón Garnelo, Julio Romero de Torres, etc.

Collectively, the works of these artists are essential to an understanding the evolution of local painting, although, due to limited space, only a small part of the collection is exhibited.

In terms of national artists, the museum also houses work by painters such as Valdés Leal, Ribera, Haes, Pinazo, Pradilla, Iturrino, Sorolla, Zuloaga, amongst others, along with sculptures by artists such as Juan de Mesa, Duque de Cornejo or Miguel Verdiguier, Quintín de Torre, Julio Antonio and, most notably, Mateo Inurria.

It also houses an important collection of works on paper, wherein special attention should be drawn to the drawings, with noteworthy exhibits by Spanish artists ranging between the 16th and the 20th centuries, and the prints.

The drawings include pieces by Pedro de Campaña, Antonio del Castillo, García Reinoso, Lucas Valdés, Verdiguier, Camarón, Vicente López to Rafael Romero de Torres, and the prints include works by Goya, Maura, Iturrino and Ricardo Baroja.

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  • Address: Plaza del Potro, 1
  • Telephone: +34 957 473 345

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