The Convent Church of Madre de Dios

The convent church of Madre de Dios pertains to the female order of the Dominicans: the Dominican nuns.

It is located in the high part of the town and was founded by Diego Fernández de Córdoba in 1510.

Attention should be drawn to the Renaissance raised altarpiece from Italy, built with marble and bronze, which frames more than sixty paintings from the end of 16th century or early 17th century, including the adoration of the shepherds and the adoration of the Three Kings from the school of Bassano.

The apse covers a ribbed casket with the figures of the apostles and angels, preceded by an 18th-century cupola.

On the epistle side a late Gothic doorway opens onto the exterior, with a three-lobe finish that frames a relief of the Anunciation. Acclaimed Renaissance architects such as Hernán Ruiz I and II and Gil de Siloé intervened in the construction of this secluded convent church.

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