Torre de la Calahorra

Crossing the river, on the south side of the Puente Romano [Roman Bridge], visitors will encounter the Torre de la Calahorra [a defensive tower].

Built as a defensive structure, this edifice originally comprised two towers, joined by an arch that enabled access to the city.

The building’s current aspect, a result of successive and continuous modifications, dates from 1369 (kingdom of Henry II of Trastámara).

Declared a historical artistic monument in 1931 and restored and renovated in 1954, the tower was ceded to the Instituto para el Diálogo de las Culturas [Institute for Cultural Dialogue], which installed an audio-visual museum with audio-guide techniques that have revolutionised the manner in which we enter into contact with history, images and objects. 

The Museum presents a cultural panorama of the zenith of medieval Cordoba (9th to 13th Centuries), based on the mutual amelioration of Christian, Jewish and Muslim cultures. 

In each of the halls, visitors can listen to evocations of the past through wireless headphones that afford complete liberty of movement. The discourse is available in the following languages: Spanish, French, English and German.

Light and music also play an important role in highlighting the texts and images.  


Further Information:

  • Address: Puente Romano, s/n
  • Telephone: +34 957 293 929
  • Address:

    Puente Romano, s/n.

  • Zip:14003
  • Telephone:+34 957 293 929

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