Perrunas at Christmas

Perrunas por Navidad [traditional confectionery made with lard are a common treat]. Pigs provide the prime material for highly prized delicacies such as ham, roast ham, cañas de lomo [spicy pork sausages], black pudding, chorizo, blood sausage, bacon rashers and ajito de cuajar [fourth stomach fried with garlic]. Other livestock in the area also provide excellent meats to prepare dishes such as ternera vallesana en salsa [beef in sauce] and leg of lamb. The confectionery offer is varied, wherein the hornazos [a type of bun] bear special mention, representing a typical afternoon snack during the romería [religious procession] of the Virgen de Luna. At Christmas, perrunas [traditional confectionery made with lard] are a common treat.

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