Roman dinners and the Eco-museum of Río Caicena

The Museum organises Roman dinners prepared using the recipes of Marco Gavius Apicius. The Historical Museum of Almedinilla regularly organises Roman lunches and dinners prepared using the recipes of Marco Gavius Apicius, dating from the first century, which, conserving the presentation, rites and traditions of that period, are served during a theatrical recreation of Roman customs and mythologies. Journeying back in time, flavours, aromas, thought, tastes and sensations come to life, and visitors will take part in a singular event will always be remembered.The Historical – Archaeological Museum provides a perfect platform from which to discover the Sierra de Albayate, which, flanked by the river, possesses many points of interest: the archaeological sites of Cerro de la Cruz and the Roman Village of El Ruedo that arise at its feet; traditional industries (olive oil and water mills); traditional constructions (wash houses, water mines, irrigation channels, dwellings, chapels; a centre of popular crafts; an exhibition and conference centre; and the starting point for walking routes through the countryside that display a landscape that is both wild and welcoming. Further Information:

  • Dirección: C/ Molinos, s/n – Paraje de Fuente Ribera. 14812 – Almedinilla
  • Teléfono: +34 957 702021 – 957 703317
  • Fax: +34 957 703070
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