Sepharad House Museum

Opposite the Synagogue there is a building dating from 14th Century, housing the Casa de Sefarad: Casa de la Memoria (Sepharad House, home of Memory), which is a private initiative dedicated to the interpretation and promotion of Sephardic heritage.The Casa de Sefarad holds a permanent exhibition organised into eight halls, forming an itinerary about the most interesting features of the Sephardic tradition and its later development during the diaspora. These halls are about: 1. Domestic life 2. The women in Al-Andalus 3. Festive Cycles 4. The Jewish Quarter of Cordoba 5. The Music 6. Maimonides 7. The Inquisition 8. The SynagogueIn addition, there is a specialised library counting with four sections: Sepharad, Al-Andalus, Mediterranean and Migrations.At the same time, this House is a cultural centre which tries to vitalise the Jewish Quarter by offering a lively range of cultural activities for both tourists and the local population.

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