The Juderia Castle

At the San Basilio area (also known as Alcázar Viejo area), there was an old Almohad fortification of which the Jews who arrived in Cordoba from 1236 onwards took advantage. This fortification is known as Jewish Quarter’s Castle (Castillo de la Judería), and it formed one of the borders of the Jewish quarter, whose walled area bordered the Medina on the Eastern, the Alcázar Viejo on the Western, and the Castle of the Christian Monarchs on the Southern, which it shared its walls and towers with.Some parts of the Jewish Quarter’s Castle standing out are the Bethlehem Tower (Torre de Belén) and the adjoining stretch of walls. These walls share the Wall Big Tower (Torreón de la Muralla) and the Northern stretch of the wall with the walled Alcázar Viejo area, bordering nowadays one edge of the Santos Martires market, throughout the pedestrian walkway named Hasday Ibn Sharprut. The western wall of the Jewish Quarter’s Castle was used as a base for the wall which would protect the new Alcázar Viejo area.The Wall Big Tower has an almost square floor-plant, and currently it’s part of a private house. The Bethlehem Tower has three floors and has a look out area with five semi-circular arched openings. The ground floor turned into a hermitage, so it acquired the name of the Tower of Images (or Tower of San Benito).

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