A broad meander of the Guadalquivir hugs the golden hill on which Montoro crooked streets of white-washed houses. Montoro is justly referred to as the most picturesque town in the province: visitors merely need to take in the view from the Realejo or walk up the Carretera de Cardeña to verify the truth of this statement. A broad meander of the Guadalquivir hugs the golden hill on which Montoro’s crooked streets of white-washed houses rise in staggered terraces, watched over by the solid red Tower of San Bartolomé. This urban landscape is reflected in the waters of the river. 

  • The town is located in the east of the province, close to the Motorway of Andalusia.
  • Distance from Córdoba: 43 km.
  • Altitude: 195 m. 
  • Surface area: 581 km2.
  • Population: 9.690.
  • Term used to designate inhabitants: Montoreños.
  • Region: Alto Guadalquivir. 

Present-day Montoro stand son the site of the Roman village of Epora, which achieved the status of a municipality under the reign of Augustus. In the 9th century, the Moors erected a castle in the area, which is mentioned in chronicles such as Hisn Muntur, and the town grew around this fortress.  In 1240, the town was conquered by Ferdinand III, who, a few years later, ceded control of Montoro to the Council of Córdoba, whereby the town remained under this jurisdiction up until 1633, when it purchased its independence. This period of independence proved brief, as the town was ceded as estate to the Marquess of El Carpio in 1658.Further Information:

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