Aldea de Los Pánchez

The municipal area of Fuente Obejuna comprises 14 villages, which are mainly concentrated in the south. The municipal area of Fuente Obejuna comprises 14 villages, of varying sizes, which are mainly concentrated in the south.The village of Los Pánchez is a municipal district of Fuente Obejuna and is located in the south-eastern section at a distance of 16 km. With a population of 35 censored inhabitants, it is worth highlighting that these numbers and the number of occupied houses increase during the summer months.  The locals are mainly involved in farming Iberian pigs, sheep and beef.The houses still maintain their original architecture, typical of the area, and most rebuilds have respected the architectural traditions of the area.Some years ago Rural Tourism was promoted in the area, with the opening of Rural Accommodation with varying capacities.The hamlet is set in one of the most beautiful spots of Sierra Morena, more specifically in Las Dehesas de Fuente-Obejuna, where, amongst other activities, visitors can enjoy marvellous leisurely hiking routes and activities relating to Mycology, especially in Autumn, an ideal time to collect large numbers of edible mushrooms such as: Lepiotas,  Russulas, Clitocybe, Lepista Nuda and endless specimens of great culinary quality.  In addition, within these rural surroundings visitors can enjoy collecting asparagus during the months of March to June and the harvesting of the so-called triguero or wild asparagus.


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